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returning to work

Returning to work

Your coach will work with you to help you to define your career goals, and develop your self-understanding and confidence.  You will move forward at a pace that you can control.

Their support will enable you to reignite your ambition and overcome the barriers that are blocking your path.  The content will be tailored to meet your needs.


Career transition

We tailor our approach to every individual.  We provide customised support, so that you can work with your coach to clarify your long-term career goals.  Together you will create a career plan that will help you achieve these goals and move forward.  

Whether you are looking for a radical career change or a more subtle change in direction, it is important to make sure the next move is the correct one. Our career coach will help you explore your career options and ideas thoroughly, helping you to make informed decisions.



Even if the redundancy hasn’t come as a surprise, you may feel a real sense of loss and worry. Your confidence in yourself and your abilities can decline. You deserve to be in a job that is right for you.

Our coaching package allows you to mix and match the type of support you would like to have, and help you both emotionally and practically.

interview coaching

Interview coaching will increase your confidence about attending interviews.

Working together, we can help you to recognise your strengths and achievements, and teach you how to let these shine through in interviews. You will finish the coaching confident in your approach to any interview situation. 

worklife balance

Worklife balance

We will dive deep into what is going on in your life, to find out what is the root cause of your poor work life balance.  We will help you to identify how you can make changes in your approach to life and work.

We can help you to push through the barriers you may have, that are preventing you from achieving a well-balanced, more successful home and work life.

CV Coaching

It is difficult to be objective about your own achievements and talents.  It is also difficult to produce a clear message to a potential employer.

Our expert guidance and our objective eye will arm you with the confidence to know that you are presenting yourself to your maximum potential.

In short, when you know what you want, and how you can deliver this to a potential employer, you stand out for all the right reasons.

leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

We work with emerging and established leaders to support them in finding their own leadership, communication and management style.  

We understand how to bring you from being good to being great.  Women in senior positions can face many challenges and obstacles.  We believe having specialist support, to ensure they can continue to perform and progress, is key to the success of every business.

Be your own boss

Start your own business

Start-ups present unique leadership, management and performance challenges.

A coach can support and enable you to transition in to the role of a business owner, and to grow and perform through stressful situations and environments.

Student Coaching

When seeking a job or deciding what course you would like to do, a coach can support you to help you clarify the way forward.

Your coach can help you deliver your message clearly through a personal statement or CV.  With student career coaching you can learn how to effectively market yourself with confidence.